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Accounting and Tax Office
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Our Office

Our office is located in a privately-owned, modern space, near Ippokrateio, in the center of Thessaloniki. It is staffed by reputable, industry-specific internal affiliates, committed to securing your interests. We offer a wide range of accounting and tax services, always operating with responsibility, consistency and efficiency. At the same time, we are looking to offer our services at very competitive prices, tailored to the financially difficult times we are experiencing.

You can trust our accounting department for any matter you are concerned with, from arranging your tax return to planning complete tax solutions or mediating for economic and labor issues and resolving disputes. Our many years of experience and the dedicated team of our internal collaborators guarantee the full coverage of your every need.


We support responsibly and qualitatively all kinds of businesses, providing comprehensive services for the immediate settlement and handling of every accounting, tax and financial issue. We work to meet your personalized requirements, contributing actively to the efficiency and growth of your business.

Our many years of experience and constantly informed about the ever changing accounting & tax environment allows us to serve the needs of individuals in a consistent and effective way.


We undertake the organization, maintenance and oversight of the accounting department at your company's headquarters or at our offices. We can also provide you with advisory services for the smooth operation of your business as well as the design of a personalized economic plan with the aim of consolidating it from past financial pledges.

Computerized bookkeeping of all categories and preparation of accounts

Undertaking and monitoring of regulations (Taxation and Insurance Funds)

Establish / Stop Jobs

Write cash flow

Establishment of domestic and foreign companies

Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)

Conversions, mergers, acquisitions, acquisitions of companies

Handling of bureaucratic work and transactions with the State

Direct support for regular and emergency checks

Preparation of budget and financial reports

Check Bookkeeping Properly

Cost control and tax support


We ensure timely settlement of your tax obligations in accordance with the applicable deadlines and provisions. Our long experience is a guarantee for the prompt and responsible solution of the specialized tax issues that concern your business.

Tax planning and strategy

Optimization of tax burden

Compilation, signature and submission of all tax returns

Preparing to deal with tax audits

Internal Tax Audit for Finding Possible

Tax advice for documentary evidence

Statement of Capital Tax (Large Real Estate Tax)

Elaboration and support of appeals in tax courts


Our accountancy office provides you with valid advice on all kinds of labor and insurance issues such as job subsidies, payroll, redundancy payments, labor inspection problems, etc.

Calculation, maintenance & computerization of payroll

Calculation of contributions and amounts payable

Compilation and submission of temporary and final CSM statements

Sending Advanced Periodic Declarations (DAS)

Monitoring of collective agreements

Monitoring of subsidized Job Center programs and submission of supporting documents

Issuance of payroll statements & printing of individual employee earnings receipts

Manage recruitment, retirement, and co-operation (through ERGANH)

Payments of insurance contributions of all insurance funds, principal and auxiliary


Contact with us for every matter on your mind. Our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Contact Information

Dimitrios Koroutsidis

Economist, Accountant

+30 6996 006 006
[email protected]

Katerina Dabou

Economist, Accountant

+30 697 926 9499
[email protected]